Brand Image

What is a brand image? It consists primarily with the impression in the consumers mind of a brand's total personality (real and imaginary qualities and any perceived short comings). Brand image is developed over time through a variety of advertising campaigns that often share a theme or message and is validated through the consumers' direct experience.

The Brand can be viewed differently from person to person, because of this its imperative for a brand to deliver a consistent and unified message. The more consistent the theme and message is, the better chance that consumers will develop a more closely aligned view of that brand. This view becomes the Brand Image that consumers carry with them and spread to others.

Every Company should strive to build a strong brand image as it helps in fulfilling their business goals. A strong brand image often gives a brand these advantages:

  • · More profits as new customers are attracted towards the brand.

  • · Easy to introduce new products under the same brand.

  • · Boosts the confidence of existing customers. Helps in retaining them.

  • · Better Business-Customer relationship.

If a company has a bad brand image, its not uncommon for them to launch any new products under a different name and banner, this limits consumers associating this new product or service with a bad image from a previous company.

Examples of Brands with some of the strongest brand images in the world.

  • Nike

  • Coca Cola

  • Apple

  • Google

Businesses spend most of their time, effort, and resources in building their brand identity. They decide how their brand will look, how should the customer feel when they contact with the brand, where should the brand land in a consumers’ mind (Brand positioning), and other associations.

When summed up, it gives rise to a brand personality which eventually gives rise to the brand image when the customer interacts with this brand. When we meet a person we assess their personality and form a perception of him in our minds. For a company it makes it super important to nail that first interaction and then consistently reinforce that perceived image that consumer developed at first contact.

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