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We’ll grow your practice by attracting high-value patients






High-Value Clients

Digital Presence Matters

About  73% of consumers start their search for a dentist with a search engine (like Google). They judge you based on your website presence, social media, and online reviews, and if you don’t meet their expectations, they’ll find another dentist. If you want to acquire more patients, optimize marketing costs, and become THE dental authority in your market, there’s only one solution: dental marketing services from AMBS



New Patient Value


Our Strategy To Success

Our defined dental marketing strategy is made up of numerous moving parts: a website, social media pages, Google My Business listing, and more. Each part plays a specific role in strengthening your overall marketing efforts.

A Website Built For Your Practice

A website is the cornerstone of any modern practice. It gives you a place to host content, offer information on your services and residents, and send the right signals to Google for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

Not only this, a website can play a huge role in your practice’s local SEO. Having information about your local practice(s) on your site, coupled with the right copy, can increase the chances your practice comes up when people search for certain terms.

Social Media Presence

Developing and maintaining proper social media pages, especially a Facebook page, allows your practice to stay in constant contact with current and potential patients. You can answer questions through the messenger feature, which can be an added bonus for patients shopping different practices.

Having a Facebook page also gives your patients a quick way to review you, which can be a great signal to those struggling to decide on a new dentist.

Content Matters

Creating quality content and sharing it on your practice’s site is a great way to show your expertise. Not only this, it’s an essential part to SEO and will help your site rank higher on Google, increasing your chances of being found by those in need.

Proper content marketing can also result in organic traffic growth, which can help reduce your spending on any paid campaigns.